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To whom it may Concern:

   I am Laura Cornwell one of the members of NVDACon international planning

Committee. NVDA (Non-Visual Desktop Access) is a free and open source screen reader that allows blind people around the world access to technology at no greater cost than their sited peers. You can find out more about NVDA at The NVDA conference started out in 2014 so that users of the screen reader

could connect and talk to other screen reader users around the world. In 2015, a group of community members decided to set up a two-weekend global conference that would occur during the tenth anniversary of NVDA. We had several events ranging from how to utilize NVDA for employment of blind people, new technology being developed allowing NVDA to interface with dictation technology, and much more. You can find out about our past conferences at

We are   currently planning our 4th   conference for the NVDA community.     As one of the members of the planning Committee I would like to kindly ask if you all can please take the time to join in on all the fun.  You can follow us on twitter   @NVDACon. Here are the dates for it.may19 through the 21.




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NVDACon sessions:

* Keynote
* Opening forum
* closing forum
* Google and google chrome
* Using windows ten apps.
* Dictationbridge, a year later
* Community triage and bug reporting.
* An objective comparison of NVDA to other screen readers.

## Website

Conference session pages need written.

* description of each, times, and dates.
* Find a plugin for time conversion. (I wrote a little tool, but if someone wants ot hook it into wordpress let me know.)

## Theme of the conference

Community engagement

Intro music for NVDACon in general, we have some volunteers who we need to reach out to.

## Promotion

We'll start promoting NVDACon. Let me know every mailing list you've sent to.
I'll create a document where people list what places has been sent to. put every resource you've shared NVDACon promotion material to in there.
* before sending a promotion to a resource, do the following:
    - Make sure you ask the owner of the resource if its okay to send to. Ask nice and they'll probably say yes.
    - if they say no, do not send to that list. This is a violation of planning committee policy.
    -if someone asks for more info about NVDAConn to you privately, feel free to advise the committee if you have questions.
    - if you have some organization to contact, please let me know and we should co ntact them.   

Figure out who from Google is presenting so I can reach out.

## Nexgt meeting:
* plan order of sessions:
*make sure we iron out the time plugin.

## other:

* Lucy has requested that she can present on Saturday.
* If you want access to our google drive folder, send me a google user name.
* If you'd rather use simple note, let me know.


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·        Accessibility enthusiast.

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