Minutes for our last meeting

derek riemer

NVDACon sessions:

* Keynote
* Opening forum
* closing forum
* Google and google chrome
* Using windows ten apps.
* Dictationbridge, a year later
* Community triage and bug reporting.
* An objective comparison of NVDA to other screen readers.

## Website

Conference session pages need written.

* description of each, times, and dates.
* Find a plugin for time conversion. (I wrote a little tool, but if someone wants ot hook it into wordpress let me know.)

## Theme of the conference

Community engagement

Intro music for NVDACon in general, we have some volunteers who we need to reach out to.

## Promotion

We'll start promoting NVDACon. Let me know every mailing list you've sent to.
I'll create a document where people list what places has been sent to. put every resource you've shared NVDACon promotion material to in there.
* before sending a promotion to a resource, do the following:
    - Make sure you ask the owner of the resource if its okay to send to. Ask nice and they'll probably say yes.
    - if they say no, do not send to that list. This is a violation of planning committee policy.
    -if someone asks for more info about NVDAConn to you privately, feel free to advise the committee if you have questions.
    - if you have some organization to contact, please let me know and we should co ntact them.   

Figure out who from Google is presenting so I can reach out.

## Nexgt meeting:
* plan order of sessions:
*make sure we iron out the time plugin.

## other:

* Lucy has requested that she can present on Saturday.
* If you want access to our google drive folder, send me a google user name.
* If you'd rather use simple note, let me know.


Derek Riemer: Improving the world one byte at a time!

  • University of Colorado Boulder Department of computer science, 4th year undergraduate student.
  • Accessibility enthusiast.
  • Proud user of the NVDA screen reader.
  • Open source enthusiast.
  • Skier.

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