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Here's sharing about a blog post I recently published on my new blog
named 'Hiking Across Horizons' located at Apart from the one about NVDA, there are
others pertaining to various topics which you may feel free to check
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‘Is it right for visually impaired people across the globe to suffer
and remain seemingly incapable due to inevitable financial
constraints? This was the question that Michael Curran and James Teh,
two blind Australian programmers, asked themselves.’
The open source and community-driven NVDA screen reader #NVDASR
engineered by the Australian non-profit NV Access is the candid answer
to many of those questions I am frequently asked – ‘How do you study
in school and give your exams?’ and ‘But then how do you use a
computer?’ I consider nothing better to shed light on these enquiries
than writing a series of posts on my new blog ‘Hiking Across Horizons’
detailing the assistive technologies I use on a day-to-day basis.
Presenting to you thus is my 2016 contribution to the Insight Braille
magazine about ‘The Non Visual Desktop Access Movement’!
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