Re: Announcing NVDACon Korea Spring 2017, February 25, 2017


Hi everyone,

Follow-up: the official schedule for NvDACon Korea Spring 2017 will be as follows:


  • Date: February 25, 2017 (February 24th for some)
  • Time: 1 PM Korea Standard Time (KST/Seoul; 04:00 UTC)
  • Place: NVDACon International 2016 conference site ( TeamTalk server)
  • Speakers: Joseph Lee, Chang-Hwan Jang, Dong-Hui Park
  • Topics: NVDA 2017.1 introduction and updates to international community, Korean speech synthesizers, translation updates and goals for the Korean community for 2017, question and answer session.


Hope to see Korean users at NvDACon Korea Spring 2017.




From: Joseph Lee [mailto:joseph.lee22590@...]
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Subject: Announcing NVDACon Korea Spring 2017, February 25, 2017


Dear members of the NVDA community,


I’m Joseph Lee, one of the contributors to NVDA screen reader project and chair of the NVDACon Korea, a regional meeting of NVDA users in South Korea and overseas. I’d like to announce the schedule for our next gathering, the NVDACon Korea Spring 2017.


Since early 2013, we the Korean users of NVDA held regular meetings to talk about NVDA development in South Korea and overseas, including translation status, community website, goals for the community, overview of new NVDA releases and so on. After the success of NVDACon International 2016, the Korean community decided to call our gatherings “NVDACon Korea”, to be held twice a year. Although it is a single meeting conference, we felt that it is best to align our goals with the wider international community, hence the new name.


This year’s NVDACon Korea is quite special in that we’ll be talking about a Korean speech synthesizer project that’s being planned. Along with this project, the upcoming meeting will focus on translation status, goals for the Korean community, overview of NVDA 2017.1 features and so on. As this is a meeting for a language community, it’ll be done in Korean (with some English mixed in).




  • Name: NVDACon Korea Spring 2017
  • Chair: Joseph S. Lee
  • Date: February 25, 2017 (February 24 in the United States and other countries)
  • Time: TBD (a follow-up message will be sent once the start time is confirmed).
  • Place: NVDACon International 2016 conference site ( TeamTalk Server)
  • Speakers: Joseph Lee (chair and remarks, NVDACon International updates, NVDA 2017.1 features overview), Dong-Hui Park (NVDA Community website webmaster and translator), Dr. Chang-Hwan Jang (original Korean translator and Korean speech synthesizer project member)


If you do speak Korean (or would like to learn it), or are interested in observing a regional NVDACon gathering (for languages other than English), or are interested in joining the NVDA movement in Korea, you are more than welcome to attend. In terms of international cooperation, I (Joseph Lee) will represent NVDA users and developers around the world, and will present a summary report after this gathering is over.


Thank you.



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