Important announcement: will be no more on february 15th


Dear members of the NVDACon International and regional organizing committees,


For the past four years, the website was not only the home of an informational website for NVDA users in Korea, but also served as a venue for announcements and archives of NVDA Users and Developers Conference (NVDACon). During NVDACon Korea held last August, I and other Korean users felt that it is time to let users in Korea manage their own community website, hence website was born. In order to reduce confusion for users, I hereby announce that will become part of history from February 15th onwards, to be replaced by a more personal website. The page with information on NVDACon will be found at


Thank you for your support for for the past four years. It was a pleasure to serve the NVDA community via this website, and I look forward to serving this community via a new (personal) website. Thank you.




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