Re: Date planning meeting.

Bhavya shah

Hi Derek,
I will be unavailable this weekend. Having said that, if there is a
list of specific topics and questions you will be discussing in the
meeting (some of which you have briefly highlighted in your e-mail), I
would send my responses and inputs via e-mail beforehand.

On 1/24/17, lauracornwell <lauracornwell1@...> wrote:
Are you wanting to meet this weekend?

If this is the case then what ever time will work for me.

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Subject: [NVDACon] Date planning meeting.

Hi guys:

How about holding a meeting to figure out date availability. I'd like to
either bring Jamie or Quentin in for ensuring that NV Access can do the
keynote during that date, and to discuss how we should do archives for the
past conferences, so will give priority to them for meeting times. I'd also
like to hold a quick brainstorming session, and discuss logistics of holding
another panel session, based on the NVDACon U.S. panel we held, which was
our most attended session.


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