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Bhavya shah

Hi Derek,
* I'll make sure to create a new Wordpress account at the earliest.
* I'd be happy to coordinate the initial effort of getting RadioUdaan
on board as a live broadcaster. I cannot commit to be in-charge during
the actual conference due to previously stated time constraints,
though there should be limited issues because a RadioUdaan
representative is already well-versed with the same software setup.
* As a mental note, I do need to provide subscription information for
the Audacity for the blind mailing list, don't I, Derek? Let me know
if you have the same subscription details already.
* I have compiled a currently limited list of news disemination
services, assistive tech news sites, blindness related radio stations
among other types of related agencies we may need to reach out to
requesting various kinds of collaborations and assistance. Please find
attached the same document.

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However, isn't it that I can use my existing Wordpress account (with
which I had created one blog for experimentational purposes) to gain
edit access to as well, or is it necessary for me to
create a new account?
You need a new account. This is because NVDACon uses (The OOS
software where each site requires new accounts.

* On an unrelated yet extremely important note, I do think it
imperative that we convince blindness related radio stations to
broadcast NVDACon International 2017 live. I had arranged this for
NVDACon Asia with RadioUdaan in India, and this certainly expanded the
reach of the Asian conference to approximately 1300 individuals. The
RNIB's Insight Radio, ACB Radio among others that folks may be aware
of are also potential Internet stations to be purposefully contacted.
Sounds great!

I am fairly certain that RadioUdaan would be willing to broadcast this
time about as well given their satisfaction with the Asian
conference's management and quality (though admittedly, this time
about they'd prefer proper pre-conference instruction, unlike our
slightly flawed pre-conference collaboration in the case of NVDACon
If you can help set this up, that would be great.

In my past experiences of Teamtalk, there is a limited amount
of visually impaired individuals who are on or show willingness to set
up Teamtalk, therefore an easy-to-tune Internet radio station(s) is an
absolute must. Their participation and interactions could be managed
by a dedicated individual via Skype and/or e-mail.
This is one thing I think hindering our growth, and radio stations may help
a lot.

* In hope of having high-quality conference sessions from esteemed
speakers, we must ensure recruitment of adept audio editors. This can
be done by putting up this voluntary position request on NVDA and
NVDACon lists, as well as audio editing program accessibility forums
(such as Audacity for the blind's mailing list).
Good point.


On 1/17/17, lauracornwell <lauracornwell1@...> wrote:
I would love to help out with promoting this year’s NVDACon in the
following ways

I would like to contact radio stayshions, and some more things I would
also like to be able to help someone with letter righting.

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derek riemer
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Subject: Re: [NVDACon] Many notes on NVDACon

Resending. I forgot to convert from markdown to formatted email.

Waqas had found one such Wordpress plugin which we had used in the
Conference Schedule page for NVDACon Asia. I can ask him to re-share
the same for the purpose of the international edition this time.

That would be amazing.

‘• Outreach: Can someone reach out to podcasts and other blindness
publications such as Eyes on Success, ACB Radio, and other
international groups? If you can even get me contact info, that would
be more than enough, then I can send out a letter informing them about
the conference. Important, important, important!’

I can certainly assist in this regard. Although I would be happy to
personally reach out to AT publishing agencies, I reckon it more
suitable if you, as the conference chairperson, were to contact them
after I provide required contact details. If you require this
information by a certain date, I would be perfectly fine with
initiating the process of compilation of relevant contact details.

That would be great. How about by the beginning of February, but I’ll
information from people anytime before the conference to be honest.

‘• Website writing. Want a chance to make the new NVDACon website? We
have multiple pages needing written. …

I was responsible for writing all the website content for NVDACon
Asia, and I guess I did a fair job. I would be happy to be a content
writer for NVDACon International 2017 as well.
Note: Since NVDACon Asia’s website content is now several months old,
and the limited Asian NVDA users that read it would have lost memory
of it, I think it would be okay to utilize some of the more generic
bits of the same for the website of the international NVDA conference,
if deemed appropriate and sufficiently professional by fellow
committee members.

Can you send me privately a username and email, first and last name, so
can give you a wordpress account for Then, maybe write
the about, home, or some other static page. If you want to do the past
conferences page that would be super helpful, we just need all the info
Joseph had on the old site. Iit’s just really historical information
and thus not that important compared to home, about, or others I

‘• Conference session ideas. Please be making a list of sessions you’d
like to see, and prepare to send the NVDACon call for topics far and

I would be happy to assist in the preliminary promotion of NVDACon
International 2017, i.e. call for topics and ideas. I however cannot
guarantee availability during the times just before the conference
because of my probably tight schedule from March onwards.

That’s fine. I understand that. Are you busy in June BTW? We’ll
hold this at the middle-to end of may, or early June.

With reference to your poll (not really a poll though) about a static
VS dynamic homepage, I would vote for static.

That sounds great. I’m just not sure, I’ve seen more dynamic lately.

The creation of these many groups and subgroups, in my view, may
become potentially and superfluously confusing.


I would like to believe that all regional conference organizers should
be interested in all happenings and activities related to the
variant, which should be the parent group itself, and all regional
conferences should be provided a subgroup. I am unable to comprehend
necessity of an ‘international’ and an ‘intl’, because the limited
amount of
regional and international conference coordination that takes place for
NVDACons at the present time does not justify the formation of another
subgroup for the same objective.

Understand. The issue is that there are 40 members of the planning
committee, and 20 members on the widely available public announcements
This is frustrating, because I know that more people care about the
conference than planning the conference, and my attempts to notify
they might not be on an announce list, and how to switch, have ended up
no one actually switching. I guess I could just continue to use this
list and hope we don’t push away people who think they’re on an

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