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Hmm, I don't think that place where one or another person lives needs
to decide the website rights... I think, all Koreans around the world
should be in one group (as well as possible) and together work for the
better result...

2016-08-06 21:10 GMT+03:00, Joseph Lee <joseph.lee22590@...>:

The situation is a bit complicated than what the picture describes: I am
indeed the original author of NVDACon International website as well as main Right now, domain is hosted from a company in
United States, and I also live in America. However, an ideal host and
webmaster for Korean community website should come from South Korea where
people would know what works best for Korean users. As of now, with my sort
of limited knowledge of how web standards work in South Korea, I'm not in a
best position to go deeper into ways of making more compliant to
what Korea thinks is the best web standard out there (often, some of it
conflicts with international standards).

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I have some notes and suggestions to NVDAConKorea website.
For Joseph Lee:
1st thing: I think if you are an NVDA's Korean translater, why can't you be
an original author of this site? In my opinian all copyRights would be
2nd: I think it would be quite better to built this site not for TVS (WP,
Drupal), but in DB's (PHP, SQL)...
All for now...
Thank You!
Paulius Leveris

2016-08-06 8:58 GMT+03:00, Annette Cooper <annette.cooper1@...>:
If I was a good speller I would right something but I am not. So if
you's would like me out of the groop just say yes

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Subject: [NVDACon] NvDACon Korea summary: various ideas, community
participatoin and more

Hi international and regional NVDACon planners,

Although we had only three participants, I consider NVDACon Korea to
be a success. Below is a summary of topics discussed during NVDACon

. Chair's report: I talked about what NVDA is, tenth anniversary
events and history of NVDA in Korea. An English translation of this
report will be made available soon (this was the only recorded part).

. NVDA Korea website: it was noted that is run by a
person living in the United States, and participants agreed that it
would be best for someone living in Korea to run this or another
domain. A participant from Korea said he'll look at what can be done
about the domain.

. Moving to Word Press: is powered by Drupal, and it
suggested that we switch to WP instead, as it contains plug-ins that
might be ideal for Korean community and useful for Korean users.

. Question and answer forum: there was a survey conducted asking
what users want from the Korean community, and a question and answer
forum was the top request, thus conference attendees agreed to investigate

. Translations: translators will continue to translate NVDA's
interface and user guide, and it was agreed that I will translate
WinTenApps add-on into Korean (as I'm the author).

. Collaborating with sighted developers: It was agreed that the
Korean community should reach out to sighted programmers, especially
Python developers, and it was agreed to have a meeting next year to
hear feedback from sighted community members and developers on hearing
feedback regarding NVDA in Korea and abroad.

. Need to raise next group of translators: Participants agreed
it is important to start thinking about inviting next group of Korean

. NVDACon Korea chairmanship: It was noted that it would be ideal
for someone from Korea to chair our conferences to improve
communication efficiencies and to let people from Korea take the lead
in organizing other community events.

Thank you.



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