Congratulations to the NVDA Asia planning committee.

derek riemer

Hello international planning committee members:
As you may know, NVDACon Asia happened this weekend. This event has set a new milestone in NVDA history, especially for recognition and of the screen reader as a major contender for screen reader users around the world. This conference has broken many records, and set important firsts for the evolution of NVDA.

  • A major brodcasting network for the blind, RadioUdaan, broadcasted this conference to users around Asia.
  • Many major players spoke during this event.
  • This event was the first event organized for people of one region.
  • This event attracted many more users than any NVDA Conference in history, with an estimated 1000 participants in one way or another, whether on teamtalk, or via radio.
    I would like to formally thank Bhavya Shah and the other members of the NVDA Con Asia committee. Your achievement has set a stepping stone for other regional conferences, and a goal for the international conference. The NVDA community and the movement that NVDA represents is growing, and it wouldn’t happen without you. I look forward to planning the next parts of NVDACon, and empowering blind and visually impaired people around the world to seek independence through the use of powerful free and open source technology. NVDACon started out as a couple of enthusiasts playing around with the idea of a global meeting. It started with only a few sessions, and about 20 people attending the first conference. The distance we have come in a little over two years is quite astounding. Please give yourselves a pat on the back. Together, we can and will continue to ensure that many blind and visually impaired people around the world have access to low cost technology that will revolutionize their ability to seek employment, education, and access to the global market no matter how much money they have. Together, we are transforming the possibilities for people with visual impairment, and together we are continuing to ensure NVDA has a place in the screen reader market. Let this milestone be the start of the next chapter of NVDACon history!

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