NVDACon Asia: Report of Day 2

Bhavya shah

Dear all,
Sunday, 10th of July, 2016 observed Day 2 of the Asian NVDA conference
on its Teamtalk server as well as live RadioUdaan broadcast. Listeners
and attendees got a chance to tune in to:
4 BlindHelp Project – We learnt about the way a group of youngsters
from Pakistan are helping and uplifting the visually impaired
community through technological empowerment. They shared how this idea
formed, how they currently serve people and their ambitious goals for
the future.
5 Asian Language Reading Tools & Text to Speech Support – Maheshinder
Singh Khosla, an experienced ESpeak coder and speech synthesis expert
talked about all the back-end processes that go into a screen reader
and TTS fusion, how ESpeak works and reads out the quantity of
languages it does and characters in the small size it has as well as
highlighting and cogently explaining the usability of the slightly
robotic text to speech by ESpeak.
6 Keynote Address – The climax of the conference was graced by Dinesh
Kaushal and Manish Agarwal, two major NVDA contributors and
developers, assistive technology development experts who are deeply
involved in the NVDA India team. These two gentlemen described their
life and journey with technology, how they came about to be as the
NVDA India team, talking about the variety of features and
enhancements they have garnished NVDA with. Due to an overflowing
quantum of questions, this session was lengthened to accommodate as
many askers as possible.
There were increasing number of correspondences and messages that I
was receiving on the second day, and it gladdened me to perceive the
true interest among our population in this event. We had more than a
thousand listeners via RadioUdaan constantly and active Teamtalk
server participants increasing the value.
As having been one of the primary organizers of NVDACon Asia, I learnt
a lot from mistakes made and was happy to see overall positive reviews
from listeners and participants during and post conference. Please
expect a message from me subsequently, describing my own experience
and thoughts about what took place, how we could improve, and a word
for other NVDA enthusiasts.
Best Regards,
Bhavya Shah (Co-Founder, Host, Website Content Writer, Outreach
(Promotion & Speaker Recruitment) and Coordination (with RadioUdaan,
BlindHelp Project, Presenters and Participants) Person, Initial Survey
& Task Force and Discussion E-group Creator & Moderator at NVDACon

Warm Regards
Bhavya Shah
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