NVDACon Asia Updates - Answering popular questions & more with 1 day to go

Bhavya shah

Dear all,
NVDACon Asia is the latest emerging assistive technology gatherings of
this industry, that too for the Asian region. Do not let go of this
opportunity to meet and interact with long-time NVDA users, NVDA
experts, and actual major NVDA contributors and developers – all at
NVDACon Users and Developers Conference Asia!
We are immensely pleased to see the overwhelming amount of responses
and interest we are receiving from the community, as it is only your
awe-inspiring encouragement that motivates us to organize this
continental online conference.
There were two notable questions that we were asked by multiple people
– do we need to register for NVDACon Asia, and how to participate.
There is no need for registration of attendance of NVDACon Asia.
Despite the various dignitaries and respectable individuals presenting
and speaking here, it remains an informal gathering by NVDA
enthusiasts for NVDA enthusiasts, without any necessity for
formalities like pre-registration. Learn, teach, contribute, and most
importantly, do enjoy and take back something.
To participate and tune into this conference directly, you must have
the Teamtalk conferencing application, available for the PC, or any
Smartphone, for all operating systems, universally accessible. A
comprehensive set of instructions has been provided at
www.blindhelp.tk/nvdaconasia/participate by us to work your way
through this powerful but simplistic conferencing platform. For those
who are unable to get Teamtalk also can avail the opportunity of
listening to RadioUdaan’s live broadcast of the conference on
So, set those two dates apart on your calendar for NVDACon Asia – the
9th and 10th of July, Saturday and Sunday this weekend, to see to life
and success, not only NVDACon Asia but also the free and open source
NVDA screen reader for Microsoft Windows itself!
Feel free to ask any questions, doubts or concerns by getting in touch
with us at bhavya.shah125@... or using other contact details
available at www.blindhelp.tk/nvdaconasia/contactus.
Looking forward to virtually meeting many of you this weekend!
NVDACon Asia Planning Committee

Warm Regards
Bhavya Shah
Using NVDA (Non Visual Desktop Access) free and open source screen
reader for Microsoft Windows
To download a copy of the free screen reader NVDA, please visit
Using Google Talkback on Motorolla G second generation Lollipop 5.0.2
Reach me through the following means:
Mobile: +91 7506221750
E-mail id: bhavya.shah125@...
Skype id : bhavya.09

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