Re: NVDACon International 2016: Testimonials, testimonials and more testimonials

Cleverson Casarin Uliana <clcaul@...>


My name is Cleverson, from Brazil. I've heard of NVDA for the first time still in 2006, when a brazilian contact forwarded to a mailing list a little message from Michael Curran announcing that he was working on a project as part of his graduating course. He also said it already supported Sapi 5, though it couldn't yet provide a good Notepad support. Then I joined the mailing list he announced for the project, and as soon as I noticed it was serious, I volunteered to translate it to Brazilian Portuguese. The localization support was not implemented, but I decided to continue following the project in any case, and within some months it became possible for translators to being working, so I did it. If the project was starting today, I'm not sure I would have volunteered, since I'm busier today than I was. In any case, NVDA is today the project on which I work for the longest time, since 2006 December.

Apart from the translation, some of my suggestions were also implemented, such as using txt2tags, a brazilian application, to generate the docs, and the Microsoft speech platform synthesisers' support, initially suggested by a ticket opened by me.

I've used NVDA for the last five years on my workplace, so there have been no need to pay for comercial solutions. At home I also use it practically exclusively.

I think that's it. In case I remember other interesting facts, I'll write it down here.


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