Promotion/General: Rough Draft for Twitter and No Longer Accepting Responses Today Instead of Tomorrow

Christopher Duffley

Hello all!

My apologies for not committing as much as I had planned for sending Twitter and emails in general as well as posting anywhere else. I have a lot on my mind combined with not feeling good over the past few days and it hasn't been the best...

Anyway, here's what I thought about for Twitter/Facebook:
#NVDACon2021's Call for Topics has concluded! Thanks to all who have submitted for this year's conference! The schedule and upcoming dates will be announced as time gets closer. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Thoughts please?

Also, finally, as the post excerpt has just said, shall we conclude the accepting of responses at about 22:00 UTC, as the meeting is today and we can quickly go over them and assemble the scheduling committee, as well as technical, to get said schedule written on the website?


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