promotions: reminder for interview on Sunday.


Hello and welcome,

This is an invitation and an announcement to all that there will be a meeting on 986 the mix public Team Talk server  for an interview with Herbie Allen, station manager of 986 the mix, and the planning committee.  The meeting will occur at 1900 U.T.C.  which is 3 P.M. eastern, 2 P.M. Central, 1 P.M. Mountain, and 12 P.M. Pacific time, on Sunday October 31,2021.


If you would like to attend and do not have current information on accessing the server please send a email to:



it will return a tt link that will assist you in getting to the team talk server.  If you lack the teamtalk program to access this meeting please feel free to go to:

Locate the team talk heading and under that you can find the link to download the latest version of the program.   Thank you and have a wonderful day.



Laura Cornwell

N.V.D.A. Con

Promotional committee




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