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Hello. Here are the notes for a meeting near Sun, 24 Oct 2021 23:25:24 GMT

    • Topic: Serious promotion of call for topics needed
    • Description: No call for topics submission has occured. Please send a second round of promotions out. use our verbage if you'd like already vetted language
    • sub-committee: promotions
    • Notes:
      • Promoting to personal FB pages
      • Haven't promoted much to other sources
      • Can send out other announcements to NVDA list
      • Announcement sent to in-process, twitter, and set up on website
      • Accessworld: Sent community letter and call for topics, will go out this month, radio show mix will go out at 19:00 UTC
      • BlindAbilities Interview done
      • Send Shawn Martin copy of call for topics letter
      • Laura taking over leadership promotions? Will provide list of places to promote, and where past promotions have happened. Derek will help with providing tracking links
      • Add nvdacon+announce to the site
    • Topic: Audio and music needs
    • Description: We should have a promo similar to the intro music we previously had at 10th aniversary. Happy to record, might be willing to edit if someone else on technical won't. However, I need help finding good background music, background music must be able to be purchhased for use with derivative works. Happy to fund it if its not outrageous.
    • sub-committee: technical
    • Notes:
      • Seann has music, will donate, and he will offer to help with editing, has editing experience
    • Topic: backup plan if nobody submits
    • Description: This is the first year nobody has submitted a topic. If nobody submits a topic, discuss next steps. next steps include: * Organizing sessions of our own. Seems like we're holding on to a futile effort if this happens. * cancel the conference. If nobody submits a topic by Nov 15, the community has decided they don't care about NVDACon anymore. * Simply hold a forum and keynote. Seems like community interest is less.
    • sub-committee: all
    • Notes:
      • Laura: Continue promoting, can be pushier if needed, can push hard if needed.
      • Sean: Better to cancel this year, and begin earlier next year if needed
      • Chris: Record a keynote, and send that out to individuals, release as a podcast
      • Doug: Knows a person who does podcasts on tech, can see if they are interested in presenting
      • Every conference has an end date, if community doesn't express interest for whatever reason, it's okay, we haven't failed.
      • Nimer is for possible podcast keynote, but not on board with continuing a con if no topics presented
      • Derek may not be leader of Con if con is delayed more than 6 months due to other committments
      • 5 external topics, if we don't get that number, we move forward with back-up plan of cancelling con
    • Topic: move meeting time
    • Description: To better align with dst changes between the northern and southern hemispheres, it may be advantageous for the committee to move our meetings going forward.
    • sub-committee: all
    • Notes:
      • Move meeting to 22:00 UTC, consensus amongst committee members
    • Topic: getting the word out more about this years up coming con.
    • Description: I am looking for more ways to get the wor out besides just twette and facebook and some podcasts. d
    • sub-committee: promotions
    • Notes:
      • Already discussed above
    • Topic: On-boarding volunteers, committee meetings outside of bi-weekly meet, where promotions promotes, use of existing general and c2t letters, scheduling committee, Moving Con date,
    • Description: Do we have a process in place for on-boarding new volunteers and assigning them to committees? Are committees meeting to get progress on action items outside of bi-weekly meetings? Is there a list some place that promotions committee is using to know where to advertise, and what to advertise? Lists of mailing lists, etc. Using call to topics and general letter as a spring-board for announcements to various groups/podcast and content creators. Do we have leadership/list of members for scheduling committee? If not, we should think about assigning such. Finally, should we consider pushing back con? There has been some discussion on Teams whether things are happening too fast, and some are feeling overwhelmed. Or do we feel comfortable with our present date? What work would be involved in moving con if we choose to do that? Updating call to topics letter, providing updates through email lists/social channels.
    • sub-committee: All committees, seems like a pointless question for bi-weekly meets
    • Notes:
      • Derek will organize on-boarding, and communicate new members to volunteers
      • Derek will remove people not interested in helping from the mailing list
      • No point to organizing committee without topics
      • Elana will take on leadership of scheduling


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