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derek riemer

Can committee members help me find a good piece somewhere that I can use for our 15th anniversary edition promotion, similar to Josephs promo in 2016. To inspire people to find music, here's the promo from 2016, when it was NVDA, a movement.
Since our topic is NVDA, 15 years and still evolving, I am going to make an inspiring piece, backed by music, to be promoted and played before the keynote. The theme will go over how NVDA has changed lives, and how NVDA, a movement and screen reader created by the blind for the blind,  continues to change and evolve to meet the needs of blind people around the world. 
For examples of music I can use, visit

Feel free to recommend other sources, or something from that library.
The music needs clear instructions for how I can purchase rights to use the copyright in my project to create a derivative work (a voiceover specifically) and publically use it.
Derek Riemer
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