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Hello. Here are the notes for a meeting near Mon, 11 Oct 2021 07:00:12 GMT

    • Topic: New committees
    • Description: We will discuss new committees for NVDACon 2021, and define responsibilities, leads, and reports.
    • sub-committee: all
    • Notes:
      • Derek: add subcommittee for helping presenters
    • Topic: Call for topics
    • Description: Plan for promoting the call for topics
    • sub-committee: promotions
    • Notes:
      • promote the call for topics on channels. promos subcommittee should coordinate under leadsCoordinate
      • Derek needs to get Aaron's email, add him to committee drive
      • Promos lead, chris and arron
    • Topic: Technical meeting
    • Description: Set up meeting time for techhnical
    • sub-committee: technical
    • Notes:
      • blast out an email with instructions on how to maintain website
    • Topic: Getting the Word Out to Various Channels
    • Description: Getting the Word Out There Through AccessWorld/AFB and various other channels such as Blindabilities and other blindness-related radio stations.
    • sub-committee: promotions
    • Notes:
      • Derek: get twitter info to the promotions committee
      • Laura: set up blind abilities interview
    • Topic: Limits on questions
    • Description: If a participent has a question, let's make sure they can limit how long the topic lasts, and have everyone only ask 1 question, until everyone asks all of their questions.
    • sub-committee: modderation
    • Notes:
      • Official policy. 90 seconds, maybe even 45-60 sec in some keynote, 1 question per person on busy sessions
    • Topic: zoom
    • Description: zoom
    • sub-committee:
    • Notes:
      • nothing. Also in future, topics submitted to the agenda must have a 1 sentence description. We didn't know what this was for.
    • Topic: Grievance regarding general letter sent out without discussion with promotions committee, without it going to Teams
    • Description: Grievance regarding general letter sent out without discussion with promotions committee, without it going to Teams
    • sub-committee: promotions
    • Notes:
      • needs to go buy the lead for a committee, on teams or emails
      • send to NVDACon mailing list first. Clearly mark subject as draft annd needs speedy review.
      • If email should be read by a specific committee, put the name of the committee followed by a colon (:) then the email(
      • E.G. Promotions: hello world Technical: Draft schedule for website
    • Topic: what day for nv access to present
    • Description: This would be the day nv access comes in to discuss what is new with nvda
    • sub-committee: modderation
    • Notes:
      • not ready for this yet


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