Re: What happened in hour last neetting.

Robert Hänggi

Hi Laura
I'm sorry to be that late. My Computer had a full crash. I'm in the
process of setting it all up again.

I'm currently writing from my 17 years old laptop, not fun in the
least, 2 seconds waiting time per keypress...
It might be that we have to draft the letter at the session, unless I
have all programs set up before that.

On 13/09/2021, lauracornwell <lauracornwell1@...> wrote:
When are you available to work on the letter that we were needing to work
on? I would like to be able to get it done before the next meeting Sunday.
Please get back with me as soon as you can on this thanks and have a good
On Sep 6, 2021, at 11:29 AM, Robert Hänggi <aarjay.robert@...>

On 06/09/2021, Christopher Duffley <christophernduffley@...>
Hello to all,

Thanks, Laura, for sending this on my behalf!

We also need to decide on the following as part of the planning, as
discussed in the last meeting on the 29th:

* Who will be hosting the Zoom meetings for the weekend?
Most of the team members are for a two or three licenses account, at
least partially sponsored by NV Access. However, instead of a year, we
would only pay for about a month and cancel or downgrade the
subscription afterwards.
I'm personally in favour of a single license and shared login data.
There were concerns yesterday that billing addresses etc would be to
easy accessible if we have a leak. This does not convince me however
and here's why:
- it's easy to purchase a prepaid card with just enough coverage for
one or two years.
- if we have only two licenses, the constrain for the holders (main
hosts) is still big as they would have to be present pretty much half
of the time in case of emergencies
- there are solutions that let you manage passwords for the whole team
with two-way authentication etc.
- it might be necessary to have two licenses for the session types
"Webinar" and "Meeting", but the exact requirements are not known yet.

Let's wait and see what Nimer can dig out amongst all the possible

* What would be the best for collaboration with editing notes and
other items, such as Zoom shortcut links, if necessary? Google Docs,
Microsoft 365, etc?
Our documents and templates are mostly genuine Microsoft. I have to
admit that I struggle to have reasonable results with e.g. Google
Sheets due to performance hiccups, focus lost, and all kind of weird
things. However, as I said yesterday, we have multiple possibilities
within teams.
Too bad, but for Google Workspace, we have to be an NPO first in order
to get all the benefits.

* Since we want not just good content but also quality, what do you
think we should do since Zoom recordings do not record in stereo?
Reaper with VAC or some other recording app that records using an audio
input like the SPL Recorder for Studio users?
I'm pretty sure that Austin will record into Reaper through VAC or
Voice meter or whatever.
All the critical stereo stuff (all the session intros for instance)
has to be inserted afterwards.
Of course, this wouldn't be feasible for a parallel YouTube stream
unless we forget about the direct Zoom2YouTube option and go through
obs or similar.

* Doug Oliver wants to do another NVDARemote session, I forget
what we wanted but I do know he wanted to do one, from what I remember.
Always appreciated.

There were some more points on the list yesterday but I have to sort
them out first.
Next meeting is by the way Sunday in a week.

Doug, if you said it in the TeamTalk recording I have, I'll go back and
reply here if necessary.

Anything else I've missed please reply here!

Take care!


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Sent: Saturday, September 4, 2021 22:59
Subject: [NVDACon] What happened in hour last neetting.

Hey there, to all I am glad to say that NVDACon planning has begun. As
last weekend hears what took place, We are moving platforms , from team
to Zune , and we have also got hour theme decided as well.

And hears what it is . NVDA: 15 Years and Still Evolving thanks to
who attended .

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