Re: What happened in hour last neetting.

Christopher Duffley

Hello to all,


Thanks, Laura, for sending this on my behalf!


We also need to decide on the following as part of the planning, as discussed in the last meeting on the 29th:


  • Who will be hosting the Zoom meetings for the weekend?
  • What would be the best for collaboration with editing notes and other items, such as Zoom shortcut links, if necessary? Google Docs, Microsoft 365, etc?
  • Since we want not just good content but also quality, what do you think we should do since Zoom recordings do not record in stereo? Possibly Reaper with VAC or some other recording app that records using an audio input like the SPL Recorder for Studio users?
  • Doug Oliver wants to do another NVDARemote session, I forget exactly what we wanted but I do know he wanted to do one, from what I remember. Doug, if you said it in the TeamTalk recording I have, I’ll go back and reply here if necessary.


Anything else I’ve missed please reply here!


Take care!



From: <> On Behalf Of lauracornwell
Sent: Saturday, September 4, 2021 22:59
Subject: [NVDACon] What happened in hour last neetting.


Hey there, to all I am glad to say that NVDACon planning has begun. As of last weekend hears what took place, We are moving platforms , from team talk to Zune   , and we have also got hour theme decided as well. 

 And hears what it is . NVDA: 15 Years and Still Evolving thanks to everyone who attended .

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