Re: What recordings do people have.

Robert Hänggi

Hi Derek
Here are my files:
- all thunderclap tweets except the one streamed by Adi (Lion addon)
The flac file is mainly for metadata reference, in case that the mp3s
are not properly tagged yet.

Two tracks from the sessions folder are important:
1. the countdown track
2. the addendum to the keynote by Quentin.
I guess you have the others
There are also the additional documents for Debbie's and the Excel sessions.

Until this afternoon

On 05/09/2021, Austin Pinto <austinpinto.xaviers@...> wrote:
addon mania recording.!AhCMXaKFXMiupItwEynkRrpWROTUXA?e=QqXlxz
the vmware i also dont have.

On 9/5/21, derek riemer <driemer.riemer@...> wrote:
So last years recordings didn't get uploaded. What do people have? I'm
missing addon mania, and the vmware one for sure. I have multiple
including the finished keynote (mp3) that was streamed during the replay.

Derek Riemer
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