Re: NVdaCon stuff please read and let me know what you all think.

Robert Hänggi

Rowen, you were probably too late.
The meeting was half an hour over at the time that you've written the email.
In other words, join next Sunday 2 and a half hours earlier.
A summary of the meeting notes will follow.

On 30/08/2021, Rowen Cary <> wrote:
I can’t join, it seems to have been removed!

在 2021/8/30 5:44, Robert Hänggi 写道:
Minako, I don't know, I'm waiting as much as you.
We are currently on team talk though.

On 29/08/2021, Minako Nonogaki <> wrote:
Maybe I should go to the meeting fifty minutes later.
See you.
Minako Nonogaki

2021年8月29日(日) 20:55 Rowen Cary <>:
Thanks Reply.
在 2021/8/29 19:36, Minako Nonogaki 写道:

No, am 6:00 is in Japan.
Minako Nonogaki

2021年8月29日(日) 20:35 Rowen Cary <>:
Is it UTC time?

在 2021/8/29 18:40, Minako Nonogaki 写道:

OK, Thank you.

Minako Nonogaki

2021年8月29日(日) 19:28 Robert Hänggi <>:
Definitely Zoom as meeting platform.

On 29/08/2021, Minako Nonogaki <> wrote:
I'll go to the meeting, and the time is OK. if I can get up ... 6
Finally zoom? or teamtalk?

Minako Nonogaki

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