Re: NVdaCon stuff please read and let me know what you all think.

Rowen Cary

I can’t join, it seems to have been removed!

在 2021/8/30 5:44, Robert Hänggi 写道:

Minako, I don't know, I'm waiting as much as you.
We are currently on team talk though.

On 29/08/2021, Minako Nonogaki <> wrote:
Maybe I should go to the meeting fifty minutes later.
See you.
Minako Nonogaki

2021年8月29日(日) 20:55 Rowen Cary <>:
Thanks Reply.
在 2021/8/29 19:36, Minako Nonogaki 写道:

No, am 6:00 is in Japan.
Minako Nonogaki

2021年8月29日(日) 20:35 Rowen Cary <>:
Is it UTC time?

在 2021/8/29 18:40, Minako Nonogaki 写道:

OK, Thank you.

Minako Nonogaki

2021年8月29日(日) 19:28 Robert Hänggi <>:
Definitely Zoom as meeting platform.

On 29/08/2021, Minako Nonogaki <> wrote:
I'll go to the meeting, and the time is OK. if I can get up ... 6 am.
Finally zoom? or teamtalk?

Minako Nonogaki

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