Re: Happy Xmas (or Notmas as it is called nowadays)

Robert Hänggi

On 29/12/2020, Nimer Jaber <nimerjaber1@...> wrote:
So I attempted to subscribe, and I responded to the message for approving
my membership, but I never received any confirmation as to whether or not I
was subscribed or any sort of a welcome message. So hopefully my
subscription was received.
Of course, I don't check back every few minutes ;-) but
yes, I've received it, thanks.
I hope you're aware that this means active involvement, not just
peeking in, right?
Meetings will still be announced on this list so that you or other
interested parties can visit.

On Tue, Dec 29, 2020, 05:02 Robert Hänggi <aarjay.robert@...> wrote:

On 29/12/2020, Nimer Jaber <nimerjaber1@...> wrote:
Oh, is there a new mailing list? Interesting.
Yes, just for internal use. There are some issues with the current two
lists related to NVDACon:
- the announcement list has been neglected (one message per year is
- it will be replaced by a more personal one with custom-tailored news
- the planning list and its messages are all public apart from the
fact that there are members in it who are obviously not active any
- doesn't own these lists and can't moderate or anything with

The new list is at:

However, it seems to me that former features of do slowly
disappear in the free version.
That's a pity.

On Mon, Dec 28, 2020 at 5:08 PM lauracornwell

Hey there, sorry it took me a little time to respond but thanks for
you have done for this year's con. And also, at the end of this form
you put a link to hour new mailing list? Please let know thanks.

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Subject: [NVDACon] Happy Xmas (or Notmas as it is called nowadays)

Dear NVDACon observers, members, and supporters

I wish you the very best for the holidays and the year 2021.
Thanks for all your contribution to the conference and all the
I don't take the incidents that occurred during the NVDACon neither
lightly nor serious, they were the expression of passion.
And passion is always good no matter how we might perceive it.
I might be biased but the presentations were really great (and didn't
reach as many people as they actually deserved).
I have so many plans for 2021 that my brain is on the edge to explode.
I hope that many of you will support me on this endeavor.
We will truly and honestly go to new frontiers and migrating to a new
platform is the least of it.

If you're serious about helping out or if you just want to give us
your personal NVDACon history, please fill out this survey:
(anonymous if you want to stay passive)
Please take care of you and your beloved ones.
Best wishes to you all


Nimer Jaber

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