Re: Happy Xmas (or Notmas as it is called nowadays)


Hey there, sorry it took me a little time to respond but thanks for all you have done for this year's con. And also, at the end of this form did you put a link to hour new mailing list? Please let know thanks.

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Subject: [NVDACon] Happy Xmas (or Notmas as it is called nowadays)

Dear NVDACon observers, members, and supporters

I wish you the very best for the holidays and the year 2021.
Thanks for all your contribution to the conference and all the feedback to it.
I don't take the incidents that occurred during the NVDACon neither
lightly nor serious, they were the expression of passion.
And passion is always good no matter how we might perceive it.
I might be biased but the presentations were really great (and didn't
reach as many people as they actually deserved).
I have so many plans for 2021 that my brain is on the edge to explode.
I hope that many of you will support me on this endeavor.
We will truly and honestly go to new frontiers and migrating to a new
platform is the least of it.

If you're serious about helping out or if you just want to give us
your personal NVDACon history, please fill out this survey:
(anonymous if you want to stay passive)
Please take care of you and your beloved ones.
Best wishes to you all

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